Chocolate DigiCam - Review



On unboxing the Chocolate DigiCam, one realizes that it is a highly specialized – yet not very durable – piece of photographic equipment.

The camera combines three types of chocolate in one compact device. The white and dark chocolate elements are more than just style mere style elements but adda special taste to the milk chocolate body.

Shooting Experience

Compared to most of its metal and plastic competitors, the camera performs very poor when it comes to durability. Holding the camera leads to fast degradation of the whole camera body. Good news though if you are a “lomographer” and therefore used to unreliable photographic gear: The Chocolate DigiCam is absolutely immune to light leaks, mechanical and electronical failures.

The field in which the Chocolate DigiCam excels is usability. Even persons without any photographic experience whatsoever are able to make good use of the camera.

Image Quality

Concerning noise performance the Chocolate DigiCam leaves top mirrorless and DSLR cameras on the market far behind – at a fraction of the price. The camera is capable of producing 100% noise-free images up to the highest ISO-setting.

The Chocolate DigiCam’s lens features a constant aperture of f/∞across the whole focal range.  

Chromatic aberrations in the final image are just not there. Only disadvantage is that the pictures taken with the camera require a lot of post processing, as you can see in the example below.

The image unprocessed out-of-the-camera - click to see full resolution

The final image - after some post processing

The final image - after some post processing


In case you are looking for a sweet little camera to enjoy without worrying about the final result, do not hesitate to treat yourself to one! If you are looking for a camera to take decent pictures or any picture at all – the Chocolate DigiCam is probably not the right tool for you.

Final word: A good photographer takes great pictures no matter which camera he or she uses - but there might be exceptions to the rule!

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