Trabrennbahn Krieau

a race against time

a struggle for space

a circuit encircled

by silent spectators

of concrete and steel

Vienna, February 2017. It is still Winter, technically. Vernal sunrays gnaw away the last remaining patches of snow. Melt water turns the racetrack into a muddy mess. The first shot I took of the famous Viennese trotting course was a panorama, trying to capture the feeling of the city slowly reaching out to incorporate the place.

Even the famous centrepiece of the Trabrennbahn, the finish line judge’s tower, could not be photographed without apartment buildings visible in the background.

The trotting course itself was full of interesting objects, like rake-like devices and a dilapidated bench. All these objects contribute to the unique atmosphere of the trotting course.

Only one lonely trotter with his sulky was out for a spin in the vicinity of the stables.

After a day of shooting my Olympus OM4 loaded with Ilford XP2, I knew I had to return on a race day, to document the whole experience.