carton brut

framing brutalist architecture

massive and yet fragile

One of photography's task is to document and preserve for future generations what is threatened by obsolescence. Usually, iconic buildings are not endangered, photographed by millions of tourists and therefore seldom worthy of the artist's attention.

Brutalist architecture on the other hand is an exception to the rule. The buildings are indeed iconic, but often seen as "architectonic sins" and therefore in danger of demolition. 

This threat to their existence adds the attribute of fragility to these otherwise massive concrete structures. 


SOS Brutalismus - Exhibition in Vienna

SOS Brutalismus - Exhibition in Vienna

The photographed cardboard models are on display in the AZW Wien from 03.05. to 06.08.2018. The visitor can truly experience the unique allure of this architectonic style. A visit is highly recommended, because it is exactly as the curators stated:  "Love it or hate it, the rediscovered Brutalist architecture leaves nobody cold."