Exhibition & Book Release - Smartphone

me & my Olympus OM SLRs, 2019

me & my Olympus OM SLRs, 2019

In the style of classical reportage photography – more specifically the subgenre of street photography – Smartphone explores the usage of technology in public spaces.

This documentary is the distillation of intensive photographic exploration of the streets of Vienna during a period spanning several years.

Smartphone brings us face-to-face with the increasing disconnection of individuals – ironically in a supposed effort to become more connected with one another - from their immediate surroundings and intimates.

This raw and unfiltered confrontation between the camera and daily reality gives pause for thought.

- Primer by Mark D Young, SAPP
Durban, 2019

new life - new project

Street photography is my prime activity when it comes to exploring a new city. So when I started a new life in Vienna in 2015, it was only natural for me to start exploring and roaming the city with my camera in hand. Only a few rolls of film later, I saw more and more shots of people using their smartphones and other multimedia devices accumulating on my contact sheets. Continuing from where my subconscious intuition took me, I gathered my thoughts and developed a concept.

“Smartphone” was born.

Exhibition @Superzelle

I am very pleased to announce that “Smartphone” is currently on display at the well-known public art space “Superzelle” in Vienna.

Smartphone - Solo Exhibition by Thomas Eisl
@Superzelle Ottakring / Gaullachergasse 46. 1160 Vienna
Open 24/7
from October to November 2019

A cordial invitation to you!

Book Release

8x10 inch hardcover - printed on uncoated archival premium paper

8x10 inch hardcover - printed on uncoated archival premium paper

Concurrent with the opening, an exclusive limited artist’s edition of Smartphone was published. The book is not for sale, but will only be distributed to selected collectors and benefactors. Also, some of the books will be given away via a draw. Please feel free to contact me via pantarhei.photography or social media if you want “Smartphone” for your bookshelf!

Thank you…

… for following, supporting and showing interest in my work. It is you who lends me your time, who breathes life into my artistic endeavours.