a new (p)age

The intention of pantarhei.photography is not to be a page about photography, but to be photography. For us, photography is not just work, art or a way of memorizing events; it is a way of life. Photography is reflecting about our environment and ourselves, it is the desire to preserve a moment and the desire to document change, it is about orientation and getting lost at the same time. It is our deepest desire to create

a frame to freeze the flow forever

And we'd like to share this way of life with you and to provide you with inspiration for your daily life!

After a very busy year, we finally found time to overhaul our web page to offer you a refined viewing experience:

The New Gallery

It is like a blog! We show you our work in different postings and provide you with information on the making-of, the location, the story behind the pictures and so on. The postings are sorted by date, but you can also search for keywords to find your favourite pictures. 

The New Blog

Well, this is actually is a blog. We write about photography in general, cameras and photographic techniques  and also provide you with information on upcoming events and our exhibitions. We improved the category- and tag-system so you can search for desired content more easily.


Some content used to be written in German and English. From now on, every article will be written in English and only selected articles will be offered in German. The translation will be shown below the English article.


We thank all our friends, supporters and readers for a great year 2015 and we'd like to welcome you to a new photographic year 2016!

If you like our work we kindly ask you to support us by sharing our page with your friends, family and fellow photographers and by giving us feedback about our work!

.Franz & .Thomas

Franz checking pictures after a shooting in Munich

Thomas with a Mamiya C3 in Prague