Sneak Peak: Upcoming Exhibitions

I am very happy to present you a teaser of my current project and announce upcoming exhibitions this year featuring the photographs.

"It is a centuries-old tradition - a synthesis of ancient Heathen and Christian customs- practised by contemporary people. In his recent work the Vienna-based photographer Thomas Eisl explores the contrast and presents the viewer minimalist portraits of the people and their manifold costumes."

The whole project was intended to be finished in one-week, but the after the first shots I realized that I have to make it as big as possible. The subject is so rich and with every photograph I take I get sucked into the whole theme even further. After one month of very hard work almost around the clock, I decided to present a total of about thirty photographs in “pop-up”-exhibitions for a very short period of time. The pictures in the exhibitions are not an intermediate result, but they represent  a stand-alone part of my work which I find fit for exhibition.


22.10.2015 – 26.10.2015 - Ranshofen Castle - three selected photographs are on display at an exhibition also featuring various other photographers,  admission-free

29.11.2015 – former Monastry Ranshofen - pop-up exhibition, about thirty photographs will be shown, the artist will be present, in the vicinity of the well-known Christmas Market, admission-free


Although the immense workload gave me a lot of sleepless nights, it is one of my most rewarding projects so far - thanks to all the supportive and selfless people I have had the pleasure to work with! Without you, it would have been impossible, I owe you so much!